Huawei Holds Health Awareness Session for Female Employees

Abu Sufian

Huawei South Asia has held a health awareness session today for its female employees as part of its observation of International Women’s Day. Conducted by renowned oncology specialist Dr. Samia Wahid Muna at Huawei Bangladesh Academy, the session was aimed at raising the participants’ awareness on Breast and Cervical Cancer.

Huawei has designed this year’s Women’s Day theme as ‘Inspire Inclusion: Empowering Change’ focusing on how Huawei prioritizes inclusion as an organization by addressing Gender Gap issues and providing equal opportunities to its female employees. The session discused about the exponential career growth of female colleagues within the organization.

With the inspiration of ensuring a better health among its employees, Huawei has organized today’s special health session. In that health awareness session, Dr. Samia Wahid Muna elaborately discussed the precautionary measures and lifestyle practices necessary for preventing Brest and Cervical Cancer, enriching the participants knowledge and understanding of the diseases and their prevention.

Lin Xiao, Human Resources Director, Huawei South Asia said, “Huawei ensures equal opportunities for the women and it has been always dedicated to include more and more women to ICT field. As part of our steadfast commitment to gender equality and inclusion, we have been taking various initiatives like internship, campus recruitment in addition to direct employment programs over the years. Apart from those, we run multiple programs like Seeds For The Future, ICT Skills Competition and more, where our females students of universities can participate. Our ‘Women In Tech’ has also included female entrepreneurs and idea-generators. Such initiatives will be carried on.”


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