Consumer rights protection body visits S. Alam Group’s Factory, edible oil lower than the government’s fixed price

Abu Sufian

The Directorate of National Consumers Rights Protection has conducted an inspection in Chittagong to stabilize the price of essential commodities during the upcoming Ramadan. On Saturday (March 2) at around 11 am, the officials visited S. Alam Group’s factory, a top supplier of edible oil in the country.

After inspecting the factory located at Moijjartek of S. Alam Group, the Directorate of National Consumer’s Rights Protection has expressed satisfaction. The officials witnessed that S. Alam Group is producing and supplying 1 liter of soybean oil at a comparatively lower price of Tk162 per liter or Tk1 at a discount of Tk163 that was fixed by the government.

To keep daily commodities supply uninterrupted and prices stable during Ramadan, S. Alam Group took the initiative to import sugar, edible oil, wheat, lentils, cheakpeas, spices, etc as required.

Among 1.2 million metric tonnes of daily essentials- sugar 6 lakh 41 thousand 3 hundred metric tons, which is more than double of the demand of Ramadan; Edible oil 2 lakh 58 thousand metric tons, which is 86 percent of Ramadan demand; Wheat 1 lakh 78 thousand metric tons, which is 34 percent of Ramadan demand; lentils 50 thousand metric tons, which is 50 percent of Ramadan demand; Chickpea 50 thousand metric tons, which is 55 percent of Ramadan demand.

With an investment of more than hundreds of millions of dollars, these imported products are covering about 50 percent of the total commodities demand for Ramadan in the country.

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