Beardo & Livon announce Special Edition ‘Styling Solution’ for Grooming Enthusiasts

Abu Sufian

Premium male grooming brand, Beardo, and exclusive international beauty brand, Livon introduce an exclusive ‘Styling Solution’ focused towards the grooming and styling necessities of both men and women. This exciting ‘Styling Solution’ is available on popular e-commerce platforms.

Addressing the needs of both male and female consumers, Beardo and Livon announced this ‘Styling Solution’ offering a highly sought-after touch to personal care routine. This exclusive grooming essential is ideal for men and women who are passionate about their grooming and styling needs.

The ‘Styling Solution’ features a combination of a Beardo and a Livon product that resonates with the aspiration of men to maintain a rugged and stylish outlook and helps women achieve a diva-like appearance. It comes in four combos catering to different solutions, be it fragrance, or making the hairstyle perfect, or keeping beard in check. Four different combo variants feature a Beardo product – either a Beardo Don Perfume Body Spray, a Beardo Mafia Perfume Body Spray, a Beardo Clay Wax, or a Beardo Godfather Beard Oil along with a Livon Hair Serum.

This special edition styling solution is exclusively available on Shajgoj, OHSOGO and Daraz!

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