S. Alam Group to invest Tk 13,000cr for modern refineries

Abu Sufian

S. Alam Group, the country’s leading industrial conglomerate, is playing a key role in stabilizing the market by importing various daily necessity products including sugar, wheat, chickpea, onion, oil etc. Besides, the conglomerate is also investing in establishing state-of-the-art refineries to provide quality products to the consumers. S. Alam Group’s several new refineries with the latest technologies will start a full-fledged operation this year. This will create more than six thousand employment opportunities at the eight refineries with an investment of approximately $1,200 million or Tk 13 thousand and 182 crore made by the company.

There are eight refineries of S. Alam Group: six for edible oil and two for sugar. Most of these industrial plants are in Chattogram. The state-of-the-art oil refineries are capable of refining approximately 4 thousand and 800 metric tons of edible oil, whereas the sugar refineries have the capacity to refine 5 thousand and 1 hundred metric tons of sugar.

The company has generated one thousand and nine hundred jobs in the oil industry, accompanied by a net investment exceeding USD 500 million or Tk five thousand and 492 crore. Simultaneously, four thousand and one hundred jobs have been created in the sugar industry, with a net investment surpassing USD 700 million or Tk seven thousand and 689 crore. Furthermore, there is an ongoing construction of a mega sugar refinery scheduled for completion by 2026. The refineries of S. Alam Group boast automation and predominantly employ European technology, ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards in product refinement.

S. Alam Group stated, “S. Alam Group imports the lion’s share of daily necessity products in this country. Besides, we have several state-of-the-art oil and sugar refineries. These refineries are playing an important role in providing quality products to the consumers. S. Alam Group plans to establish some more refineries in the future as well.”

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