realme announces 2024 as ‘Year of Rebranding’

Abu Sufian

With the advent of a new year, youth-favourite smartphone brand realme has announced 2024 as the year of rebranding for the next five years.

Sky Li, Founder and CEO of realme, in an open letter, has also come up with a new slogan: Make it real. The letter clarified the brand’s new mission, brand positioning, and spirit with the new slogan.

The new slogan retains the spirit of realme’s “Dare to Leap while focusing more on young users, and bringing real, clear, and tangible benefits to their lives.

At the beginning of its next five years, realme will stay true to its original intention by shifting its brand position from a trendy-based strategy to a more open and wide-reaching one, to be A tech brand that better understands young users.

Founded in the fiercely competitive smartphone market, realme quickly established its position with a leap-forward performance and design to over 200 million users worldwide. realme gained deep insights in five years into the young generations, deploying a differentiation development strategy: bring better technologies and designs to young users around the world.

Besides, realme will focus on improving the product experience in three areas: performance, photography, and design; collaborating with more than 30 leading tech partners while investing more heavily in research and development.

In his open letter, Sky Li said, “realme will shift its brand outlook from being a brand that is ‘opportunity-oriented’ to being a brand that is ‘brand-oriented,’ and this will be the foundation of its strategic development moving forward. The focus of our new positioning is not so much a redirection as it is an opening up. This will guide our long-term investment and development which will help us better connect with more young users, in more markets, and more regions of the world.”

With its five-year brand assets and young users’ recognition, realme focuses more on the brand experience and product experience than before to exceed young users’ expectations, beginning with starting from the impossible and raising the standard to make it possible.

In pursuit of a future defined by unparalleled innovation, realme, guided by its visionary “Simply Better” and “No Leap, No Launch” approaches, unveils a groundbreaking product hierarchy. The GT Series stands tall as the epitome of Next-level Performance Flagship, while the Number Series ascends to redefine Next-gen Imaging excellence. Embracing indispensability, the C Series positions itself as the embodiment of Essential Plus, charting a course toward a seamlessly advanced and user-centric technological landscape.

realme, a global disruptor in consumer technology, has swiftly transformed the smartphone market by democratizing cutting-edge technologies. Catering to the dynamic preferences of young consumers, realme offers a diverse range of smartphones and lifestyle tech devices characterized by premium specifications,

quality craftsmanship, and trend-setting designs. Founded in 2018 by Sky Li and propelled by the audacious “Dare to Leap” spirit, Realme has announced 2024 as a pivotal year for rebranding. Embracing the new slogan “Make it real,” realme, under the visionary leadership of Sky Li, amplifies its commitment to young users by broadening its brand narrative and delivering tangible benefits to their lives.

Remarkably, realme has swiftly climbed the ranks, securing a position among the top 5 smartphone players in 30 global markets within just three years. With a global presence spanning China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, realme boasts a colossal user base exceeding 200 million.

For further insights into realme’s transformative journey and its innovative product offerings, interested individuals are invited to explore the official website at

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