1522 Skilled Bangladeshi workers are being hired at a Nuclear Power Plant in Turkey

Abu Sufian

A total of 1522 Bangladeshi workers are set to get job opportunity in various professional categories in a Turkeish Nuclear Power Plant.

A long-term agreement has already been signed between TSM and Nur-At-Tin Building Constructing LLC, UAE, Dubai on 25th October 2023 for hiring, management and ensuring the overall welfare of the workers.


Ambassador of Bangladesh to Turkey,  Amanul Haque, recently visited the construction site of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Turkey on December 27.

The NPP is being constructed by TSM Energy, a subsidiary of the Russian conglomerate TITAN-2, known for its involvement in various nuclear projects globally.

TSM Energy, a prestigious construction company in Turkey, is establishing a nuclear power plant to meet ten percent of Turkey’s electricity demand. Presently,

the company is engaged in constructing the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant near the coastal city of Mersin, Turkey as well as having projects in Egypt, Hungary, and Russia.

Based on the agreement, a delegate consisting of 02 members has been stationed in Bangladesh to conduct the selection process. The delegates have already selected 1522 skilled workers in various professions from Bangladesh for its NPP construction projects.

During the time of inspection, the General Director of TSM, Yevgeny Yatchenko welcomed the ambassador and briefed the details of the nuclear power plant project. He stated that he is fully aware of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant project in Bangladesh.

Because TSM collaborates closely with ROSATOM which is also involved in the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant project. He mentioned that Bangladesh has abundant skilled manpower and they have demonstrated their expertise successfully at Rooppur.

The General Director of TSM appreciates the efficiency of Nur-At-Tin in the case of supply and upcoming management of workers.

As a continuity of this, Titan-2 has signed another contract with Nur-At-Tin for supplying some 1160 skilled workers for its nuclear power plant project at Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad and Novosibirsk Region of Russia in the presence of an esteemed ambassador.

As a result of this agreement, a new dimension will be indicated for the supply of skilled manpower in Russia from Bangladesh.

He appreciates their arrangement for an air-conditioned room, a magnificent masque, a clean & spacious cafeteria, a supermarket and free laundry service for the workers of Bangladesh.

The General Director of TSM Energy acknowledges their success by stating that, they have efficiently facilitated the selection and migration process of skilled manpower in Bangladesh through different recruiting agencies, thereby contributing to the success and recognition in this field.

In the end, the honorable ambassador, Mr. Amanul Haque, was hosted at a dinner by Mr. Yevgeniy Yatchenko, General Director of TSM. During the event, the esteemed ambassador thanked the General Director of TSM for facilitating the supply of skilled labor from Bangladesh to Turkey

and added that he would represent this moment as a commendable example in other places in Turkey. His Excellency, Ambassador Mr. Amanul Haque expressed that, he is very much optimistic about the initiative of Nur- At-Tin and it will create a horizon in the aspect of exporting skilled manpower to Turkey.

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