‘Ovab’: A unique blend of love and wealth

Abu Sufian

Renowned Bangladeshi actor, playwright, and director Abul Hayat has recently played a pivotal role in the telefilm ‘Ovab,’ set to be broadcast on a satellite channel .

The telefilm features a compelling storyline with stellar performances from acclaimed actors Shohel Mondol and Tania Brishty in the lead roles. The character of their child is portrayed by the talented child artist Muskan.

In ‘Ovab,’ Abul Hayat essays the character of a wealthy businessman in the city, while Sohel and Tania portray a typical rural family surrounded by love.

The narrative revolves around the dichotomy of love in human life juxtaposed against the absence of wealth.

Abul Hayat, who is primarily depicted as affluent, discovers that despite having wealth, he lacks the essential element of love. He describes himself as someone fundamentally lacking in affection.

Playwright Al Ameen Swapan is currently residing in his hometown in Barishal, accessible through a mobile call. Describing the storyline briefly, he stated,

“In ‘Ovab,’ viewers will witness Abul Hayat as a wealthy man in the city, juxtaposed with the ordinary life of Sohel and Tania in the village.

Their family is filled with love, but there is an absence of wealth. Abul Hayat realizes that even with money, he lacks love. Essentially, he is an individual marked by absence.”

Abul Hayat shared his thoughts on the acting performances, saying, “The story has deeply resonated with me. I extend my gratitude to Swapan for this marvelous narrative.

Brishty has done an outstanding job, and Sohel has put in considerable effort. Muskan, the young artist, has also delivered an excellent performance. It has been a collaborative effort resulting in a compelling piece of work. I hope the audience will appreciate it.”

Tania expressed her gratitude for the last project of the year, saying, “This was my last project of the year, and it turned out to be a significant achievement for me.

After working with Abul Hayat sir in a scene, he came up to me, patted my back, and said, ‘You did great. I pray for your success.’ Hearing such words from him is a tremendous achievement for me. I consider his blessing as a significant award in my acting career.”

Anonno Emon, the director, emphasized her conscious approach to choosing artists. He stated,

“I am always attentive to the story, and I remain conscious during the selection of artists. Working with Abul Hayat sir has been a great learning experience for me. I am sincerely thankful to him.”

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