Jaya Ahsan to turn into a ghost for a movie

Abu Sufian


Renowned Bangladeshi actress Jaya Ahsan is going to portray a ghost for a supernatural movie titled “Bhootpori”.

The actress shared the poster and the release date through a post from her official social media accounts on Monday evening. In the post, the actress wrote,

“If a human being dies, she becomes a ghost, but if a ghost dies, would she become an angel?” and shared that the film is going to be released on February 9 this year.Acclaimed director Soukarya Ghosal directed

and wrote the story, while contributing to the screenplay as well. Surinder Films produced it. Nabarun Bose is the music director of the film. In the poster, the actress was seen sitting on a branch of a tree with an eerie demeanour,

wearing a red sharee and flaunting her wings. The actress also greeted her fans for the new year. “It is an auspicious moment to celebrate the new year. Let us all celebrate this together, but let’s also be compassionate toward our surroundings

so that our celebration doesn’t become harmful to any other beings,” the actress, who is also an animal welfare spokesperson, said, hinting at the devastating consequences of fireworks on animals.


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