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Tareque Rahman, The Citizen Voice Bangladesh

University life is no walk in the park, there are a variety of challenges which students face which make it hard to know the right ways to reach their academic potential.

Review the following steps, which outline simple changes you can make and soon you’ll be on your way to becoming the student you’ve always wanted to become.

Prioritize Study Over Anything

The study should be students’ utmost priority and nothing else. I admit there are some moments when you don’t feel like studying, but that’s the prime time to push yourself to go further.

Always think of the goals you want to succeed in life and studying can take you there. So, no matter whether you are a university/college/high school student, prioritize study over everything.

This mindset will assist you to become matchless from the rest of the class.

Never Miss a Single Class

Whenever you miss a class for some reason, you will fall behind other students. Attending class is one form of studying because you are learning through listening.

Also, teachers prefer and appreciate those students who are actively participating during class lectures by asking meaningful questions.

Teachers often provide real-life examples and techniques that cannot be found in textbooks. So, don’t miss a class to learn new things every day,

which is ultimately beneficial to earn good marks in the exam.

Be Attentive in the Class

If the class is a lock, attention is the key. Without it, you will miss the essence of class learning and your attendance becomes fruitless.

Be attentive and focused on teachers’ lectures, write every important detail, and never feel timid to ask relevant questions to grasp more.

Take Notes

Taking notes in class is far better than listening only. Teachers share a good amount of important information throughout the class.

If you think that you will recall all the little things your teacher tells after the class, you are wrong.

Our brain has a limited capacity to store information obtained from one session and you will fail to remember most of the details about the topic. Hence,

 it’s wise to write down necessary points during class time. Not only does it help you to create an appropriate class sheet for that particular subject,

but also sets you apart from other students. Besides, it helps you to remember more.

Don’t be Shy to Ask Questions

You will frequently find that you do not understand everything your teacher says or your book tells.

Teachers are there to help you understand those. But asking teachers for clarification in front of 30/40 students is very frightening.

To confront your fear, remember that these students are your classmates and most of them are frightened like you. Asking questions will boost your confidence as well as clear your concept.

Besides, by asking your questions, other students will be able to learn the subject/topic better.

Make a Routine and Follow

A well-made study routine will help in your studies a lot. Jumping from books to books will make you slow and your study boring.

Studying by a routine will give you pace and you will see your progress easily. Besides, maintaining a well-disciplined routine will teach you to be a punctual and strategic person.

Are you better at memorizing at night when everything is silent and hushed? Or do you like to wake up early in the morning, get fresh and start your study session?

No matter which works better for you, stick with the routine and upgrade yourself as an excellent student.

Complete Day-to-Day Homework

Usually, homework is given to you so that you study the topic again at home. It helps you to learn about the subject well.

That’s why completing homework daily is vital for you. Also, the teacher can point out any mistakes you may have made or your misunderstanding when you submit the assignment.

So, if you intend to become an excellent student and be appreciated by teachers, complete day-to-day homework and don’t leave to finish it the next day.

Study in a Quiet Place

A study has proven that studying in a secluded place is much better because you will be able to hold your focus

and attention and won’t be distracted by any outside noise. So whenever you are about to practice a lesson or do homework/assignment,

choose a calm place and time. Also, refrain from logging into social media during the study, since it works as a distraction.

Stay Positive

Another tip for you is to stay positive all the time, even when math seems hard for you,

or any topic difficult to swallow! Always be positive and believe in yourself. Remember, difficulties will not last long,

and whenever in trouble, ask for help from teachers, tutors, or even from friends/classmates.

Sleep Well at Night

If you want to perform well in class, you need a good 8 hours of sleep. Many research indicated that 8 hours of sleep is crucial to give the human body proper rest and make it ready for the morning hustle.

Therefore, stop staying awake late at night. Instead, go to bed at 8 hours earlier than your intended wake-up hours and maintain your bedtime.

None but students have the power to make themselves better in class. Of course, teachers are there to guide and instruct you. But they can’t force you to study.

It involves some small habits in life that make someone do better, whether they are at school, college or university.

So, if you really wish to improve and become an excellent student, then these tips will surely be handy in your student life.

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