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Being BCS cadres, highly prestigious job positions offered by the Government, requires passing a nationwide competitive examination conducted by

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). Almost everyone who has educational qualifications

to meet the eligibility wants to be a BCS cadre in our country.

Nevertheless, for securing social status, recognition, power, security and satisfaction,

a meritorious student may have the dream to be a BCS cadre. It is totally normal.

When almost everyone in a country – irrespective of academic discipline – wants to be a government job holder,

Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam is something which is entirely valuable for a number of students of Bangladesh

who have long cherished dream to work as government employee.

Among a number of participants only a few get chance and pass in the BCS exam. Today we will tell you the story of a man,

who has touched the pinnacle of success tackling away all sorts of obstacles.

His name is Md Asadujjaman, who was selected as BCS Audit & Accounts Cadre in 40th BCS exam. Stay connected to learn about a man who is full hope life spirit.

In childhood, Md Asadujjaman,had not dream to be a BCS cadre, especially BCS Audit & Accounts cadre.

He studied Math, attached to Shah Amanat hall, students of Chittagong University. Mathematics subject wasn’t his favorite subject,

that’s why he wasn’t happy at the very beginning of her university life.

But the situation changed gradually. Finally, he is a successful man. Md Asadujjaman, grew up in a middle-class family in Sitakunda. His father is a retired service holder and his mother is a housewife.

He passed the SSC exam in 2006 with GPA 4.81. He got admitted to B AF Shaheen college, Chittagong .

Asad again passed the HSC with a GPA 4.30 and got admitted to Chittagong

University in the mathematics department. He got 3.05 in Math and now, with strong confidence,

patience, and perseverance, he is enlisted in Audit & Account Cadre in the 40th BCS.

He secured 40th place on the Audit & Accounts merit list. He is now working as an Assistant Accountant General at Financial Management Academy. Before joining this job,

Asad was serving as the Sonali Bank Ltd and Janata Bank Ltd as Senior Officer. He was recommended 38th BCS Cadre Non-cadre.

Asad has achieved outstanding professional awards during his past job experiences like,

Departmental Award and Recognition Award for exemplary dedication. He involved various social activities.

He chats with Citizen Voice Bangladesh and shares his stories of studies, successes, and failures with him.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: How are you? Chatting with you gives me the courage every time!

Md Asadujjaman: I well. Nice meeting you again.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: Why did you choose this cadre in BCS?

Md Asadujjaman: Basically, social recognition and respect drove me to seat for BCS. The motivations

came from my friends. My family inspired me in this process very much. Now they are happy enough to see me in this cadre service.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: How did you prepare for BCS?

Md Asad: I went to the coaching center after finishing the final exam and studied regularly with relentless effort.

First and foremost, I analyzed the previous questions of job Solution.

As a result, I got a good idea of which issues are more important, which ones need to be left out and which issues come up again and again in the tests.

I read more and more about the things that made me feel weak.

I tried to remember all things with mnemonic, obviously with bad mnemonic (laugh).

I collected supplementary books along with the coaching lecture sheets. I prefer group study in library with my friends.

My friends help me a lot to secure this position. All of my friends help me in my academic life and professional study as well.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: How did you face viva?

Md Asad: 40 BCS is my 2nd viva. 38th BCS was my first viva. I was recommended as Non cadre Instructor Technical School & College .

This time (40 BCS) viva board was seemed to be friendly and kind. There were questions about my subjects, Information Technology, Bangabondhu and related to the first choice of admin cadre were also asked and the duration was nearly 15 minutes.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: Which books do you think are important to keep in the collection for other BCS cadre seekers?

Md Asad: One set of guide books (Assurance/MP3 whatever), a digest as one like. Board books

class nine to ten (politics, geography, history, Bengali grammar, general science, mathematics);

eleventh-grade ethics , computer, and information technology are badly needed to study more and


Citizen Voice Bangladesh: Is it necessary to go for coaching? What do you think?

Md Asad: Many have become cadres by reading of his own, but I have prepared myself with coaching

and it can be a better idea to be in touch with the coaching center especially to verify ones

capacity and increase the scope of knowledge.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: What was the biggest obstacle in life?

Md Asad: It cannot be said that there was a big obstacle for me. But it was a challenge to prepare me and wait a long time.

Everyone can start, but it is a challenge to maintain one’s existence in the fight to survive till the end. Whatever the problem, my family has always been by my side,

 Their sacrifice for me and the expectations of my parents, sister have helped me to keep a strong stand for the goal.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: Where do you want to see yourself next in this profession?

Md Asad: Seniors used to say, It is easy to join the service, it is difficult to retire after

working successfully. This means working with adversity and risk is here all the time. Yet I want to take

myself to a position where it is possible to do more for people. I have joined the Audit & Accounts with a

dream to ensure safe and easy service for the people, transparency and accountability in public financial management . I expect the country to be more livable and

developed and I want to work for its implementation.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: BCS is a dream to most of us. What do you think in this regard?

Md Asad: People have a great belief that BCS exam is fair and actually it is, there are opportunities to contribute to policymaking and implementation of the country policy

by becoming cadre officers, social status, and recruitment of many non-cadre officers as well as through BCS have made BCS so popular among people.

It is not unhealthy competition, rather it carries the identity of

confidence and competitive attitude of the young job seekers.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: What are the tips for newcomers to BCS?

Md Asad: Those who are new, will enrich themselves by studying more and more. Only studies

can give them success.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: Can poverty be a barrier to BCS?

Md Asad: Poverty does not seem to be a barrier to BCS preparation. BCS preparation can be

taken from any part of the country and there is no extra cost except buying books and sitting for exams.

But working patiently is not an easy task.

Citizen Voice Bangladesh: Thank you for your time.

Md Asad: Best wishes for Citizen Voice Bangladesh.

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