Want to familiarise the world to Bangla content

Abu Sufian

A stellar announcement was made earlier, when it was announced that SVF, Chorki and Alpha-i will collaborate together on their upcoming film,

“Domm”. The film will be directed by Redoan Rony, and will feature Chanchal Chowdhury as the lead.

President and Strategic Head of Chorki, Zaraif Hossain, made his much-anticipated appearance at the event, to speak about the special collaboration.

He said, “When I was brought the concept of Chorki, I immediately told Rony that I was on-board, but only if we thought on a bigger scale.

We wanted to bring Bangla content to 300 million Bangla-speaking people worldwide.”

Zaraif continued that Chorki has reached people across 190 countries in the world. “We don’t know Korean or Spanish, yet we watched series like ‘Squid Game’

and ‘Money Heist’. In the same vein, we want to take our Bangla content to the world.”

The president thanked Mahendra Soni, Director and Co-Founder of SVF and Shahriar Shakil,

Managing Director of Alpha-i, for being onboard the ambitious collaboration.

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