Mosharraf Karim returns with ‘Mobaroknama’

Abu Sufian

Mosharraf Karim is set to return to the OTT platform once again.

He will be featured as the lead character in Golam Sohrab Dodul’s upcoming web-series “Mobaroknama”,

which will premiere on the popular web platform Hoichoi, on December 21.

Following the success of the web-series “Mohanagar”, Mosharraf Karim and Hoichoi have unveiled this latest collaboration with the promise of a fresh narrative. 

The actor will portray Mobarok in the legal profession, offering viewers a new facet to look forward to. Dodul hinted at a potential airing date of December 21 for this anticipated project.

Although Dodul and Mosharraf Karim have collaborated multiple times on television, this is their first collaboration on the OTT platform.

The series revolves around the life of a lawyer, showcasing his resilience and fortitude amidst personal and professional trials.

The series also features Sabnam Faria and Shahnaz Sumi in significant roles.

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