Dhaka Theatre set to stage ‘Medea’ again

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The Greek classical play “Medea” was staged by Dhaka Theatre at the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy’s Studio Theatre Auditorium in the capital’s Segun Bagicha Road.

Directed by Humayun Kabir Himu, this production marks the 51st theatrical endeavour by Dhaka Theatre – a prominent theatrical organisation in Bangladesh.

Professor Abdus Selim provided the Bengali translation for it, adapting from George Theodoridis’ English translation of the play.

The Greek tragedy “Medea” is one of Euripides’ notable works. The drama unfolds the harrowing narrative of a woman subjected to abuse and mistreatment by her husband,

driven by patriarchal sexual desires and ambitions. The storyline poignantly portraysthe woman’s journey of seeking revenge for the injustices inflicted upon her.

Translator Abdus Selim expressed that during the translation process, a mysterious aspect caught his attention.

He pondered whether, two and a half thousand years ago, playwright Euripides crafted the play under the influence of subconscious feminist ideas.

Alternatively, was it an attempt to document a woman’s potential neglect and the subsequent desires that arise? He acknowledges that the play may spark controversy but emphasises that the relevance of “Medea” cannot be denied.

Director Humayun Kabir anticipates controversy, particularly regarding the brutality of Medea and the act of killing children in the fury of revenge,

acknowledging that some viewers may find it challenging to accept, “I have been working on this drama for three months. Whatever the discussion and criticism,

I hope that the audience will be able to understand the essence of the play by being involved in our interaction.”

Nasir Uddin Yousuff, the head of Dhaka Theatre, commented, “Dhaka Theatre has been engaging in discussions about national theatrical trends alongside global theater trends for a long time.

‘Medea’ is our ninth production in this genre. Before this, Dhaka Theatre received acclaim for staging William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ and a play based on Bertolt Brecht’s work”

Junaid Yusuf is in charge of the stage planning for the play “Medea” with lighting design by Wasim Ahmed and choreography by Mofassal Al Alif.

Following yesterday’s inaugural show, the play is scheduled for two more performances tomorrow, Saturday, at 4:30 pm and 7 pm.

In the play, Tahmina Mahmud takes on the role of Medea, with additional performances by Fahmida Kamal, Mahmudur Rahman, Saifuddin Ahmed,

Milu Chowdhury, Abdul Goni, Sifat, and Adrita. Shimul Yousuf provided the background voice.

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