BTS rules TikTok’s global viewership charts in 2023

Abu Sufian

BTS has added another milestone to their achievements – they have become the most viewed male act globally on TikTok in 2023,

surpassing numerous prominent Hollywood stars. 

The South Korean seven-member boy band, having pursued solo endeavours before military enlistment,

maintains their success as OT7 even during their temporary group hiatus. In the wake of BTS, BLACKPINK also reached a noteworthy milestone. 

In 2023, each member of BTS took their turn enlisting in the military, and Jimin, Jungkook, RM,

and V are set to follow suit. Despite their respective enlistments, the group anticipates a reunion in 2025,

and their music remains vibrant. As of December 10, TikTok’s data reveals that BTS claimed the title of the most-viewed male act on the platform in 2023.

Simultaneously, BLACKPINK from YG Entertainment earned the distinction of being the most-viewed girl group on TikTok globally in the same year.

Following its annual assessment, the widely used social media platform provided insights into the prevailing trends.

The data reveals that in 2023, Kim Loaiza, a singer and online celebrity from Mexico,

claimed the top spot as the most-viewed artiste worldwide on TikTok.

American pop singer Selena Gomez secured the second position, followed by BTS and BLACKPINK.

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