Apurba starrer ‘Pothe Holo Deri’ teaser grabs mass attention

Abu Sufian

A mesmerising 30-second teaser of the drama series “Pothe Holo Deri” showcases Apurba, wading in a boat in the vast expanse of a turbulent sea

while delivering a compelling dialogue in the background.

Against the backdrop of an unsettled sea, he reflects, “Certain relationships resemble the unpredictable sea—endless, directionless. Despite

that, we strive to move forward towards the destination of love. But sometimes, delays happen.”

Since its online release on December 8, this teaser has swiftly captured the admiration of audiences.

The teaser offered a glimpse into the cinematic prowess and production quality of “Pothe Holo Deri”,

particularly highlighting the performances of Ziaul Faruq Apurba. The cast includes Tanjim Saiara Totini, Manoj Pramanik, Salha Khanam Nadia and more.

Sharing his insights, Apurba expressed, “When the audience embraces such content, the challenges faced during production seem trivial.

Our dedication feels validated. The scene depicted in the teaser was filmed deep within the sea near Teknaf.

During our shoot, our boat encountered an obstacle and remained stranded in the deep waters.

We patiently waited for about 6 hours, waiting for the tides to turn. Such efforts and perseverance become significant when the audience resonates with the content.”

Director Jakaria Showkhin elaborated, “Our aspiration was to create a vast canvas for this project.

Each member of the unit, including Apurba and Totini, exhibited wholehearted dedication. Bringing together the entire unit was a challenging task,

but witnessing the reception after the teaser’s release makes it worthwhile. We hope that the complete series will offer a more profound experience for the audience.”

The teaser has generated substantial excitement and interest among viewers, hinting at an intriguing

and visually captivating drama series that promises to explore intricate human relationships and experiences.

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