Fashion in monochrome: Less is more

Abu Sufian

Colours make everything look better and brighter. And that notion is even more prominent in fashion. However,

pour too much colour in your fashion, you might feel like a misplaced circus clown. 

Then there are those who shoot for attires – for both formal and informal settings – of one colour, or two at best, from head to toe.

Although that might sound a little drab, for those concerned with their body image, less is always more.

“Honestly speaking, I used to enjoy wearing very flashy colours as a teenager. Also, you see,

teens are also targeted and convinced to dress very colourfully. That is probably an underlying reason why we still like to see ourselves in the mirror wearing flashy coloured clothing,”

Abrina Humayra, a working professional, said.

“You remember Finding Nemo? If it is easy for a literal clownfish to get lost, I thought it did not matter if I put on all the colours of the rainbow. That would make me stand out alright,

but not as a pleasing presence. So, I gradually moved to more subtle and basic yet timeless colours and shades of brown, blue, green, white, etc,” she explained.

Nowadays, as workplaces have relaxed dress codes and allow employees to dress up fashionably,

monochrome fashion has really picked up pace. Look around and you will see plenty of working people in shirts and t-shirts of solid colours all around you.

“I mostly wear monochrome to my workplace. It feels formal, very subtle yet elegant, unlike prints that feel gaudy and casual. If you can pair oversized monochrome dresses
with the right accessories, it gives you a very formal look,” said Fatima Suraiya, a model who also has a day job.

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