Russia does not recognize ‘illegal’ sanctions

Abu Sufian

Russia does not recognise “illegal sanctions” by western or any other countries and if any such measure is taken against Bangladesh it will respond after deliberations.

“We only recognise the sanctions imposed by the UN security council or UN organisations,” Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Mantytsky said during an event organised by the Swadhinata Sangbadik Forum at the National Press Club on Thursday (7 December).

Regarding what Russia will do for Bangladesh if the US or their allies impose any sanction, the envoy said, “I hope nothing of this sort will happen.

We don’t know about any such sanction. If it happens, we will then decide what to do.”

When asked how Russia will help Bangladesh if it falls into any financial crisis for steps taken by the western world, Aleksandr Mantytsky said,

“If a problem arises, then it will be discussed. What kind of assistance will be provided by the Russian federation or any other institutions to assist your country will then be decided.”

Regarding a question on the recent remark of the representative of the UN secretary general on Bangladesh’s upcoming national election,

the Russian envoy said, “You once again see double standards here. Our foreign minister said many times that he [UN representative] should be neutral,

because he works not only for US or western countries, but for all countries in the world.

“But there is no neutrality in his statements. The same is [applicable for] statements from the officials of the UN. Many of them are from western countries.

They got an American passport when they started to work in the UN,” he said.

“They do not preserve or defend your values; they defend the values preached to them by western countries,” he added.

The envoy also talked about bilateral and multilateral cooperations between Russia and Bangladesh, including the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant,

educational and skilled worker migration, technology transfer, US led Indo-Pacific strategy, Palestine crisis and economic cooperations.

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