NBR announces 141 top taxpayers

Abu Sufian

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has announced the names of 141 highest tax-paying companies and individuals, including Bangladeshi tobacco tycoon Kaus Miah, for the fiscal year of 2022-23.

Beating many top businessmen, Kaus Miah – the owner of old Dhaka-based Hakimpuri Jarda (chewing tobacco) – has been receiving the top taxpayer award for the past couple of years.

The NBR on Tuesday issued statutory regulatory order (SRO) with the names of top taxpayers under different categories.

Based on income tax payments in fiscal year 2022-23, a total of 141 taxpayers-76 individuals, 53 companies and 12 in other categories- won the tax card.

Meanwhile, a total of 525 people in city corporation and district areas have been selected as best taxpayers after the national level to encourage tax payment.

The NBR has selected 77 people in 11 city corporations and 448 people in the category of highest income taxpayers and longtime income taxpayers in 64 districts for the tax year 2022-2023.

The Ministry of Finance has published the names of the best taxpayers as per the provisions of the district-wise highest and longest ‘Income Tax Paying’ under Tax Payers Policy-2008.

Earlier, 141 individuals, institutions, and organizations were selected as the best taxpayers for the tax year 2022-23.

Among them, 76 at the individual level, 53 at the company level, and 12 in other categories.

According to the Ministry of Finance notification, the names of 525 best taxpayers were nominated at the city corporation and district level in the tax year 2022-23.

Among them, 77 taxpayers in 11 city corporation areas will be given tax cards and awards as the best taxpayers.

The card will be issued to seven taxpayers in each city corporation area and seven taxpayers in each district as the highest taxpayers.

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